Inspirited Strength is owned and operated by Arianne d’Entremont. Arianne got her Massage License from Cortive Institute in Watertown MA.

Arianne got into massage to learn more about all types of people. To make a connection and help others. She learned about massage at age 13 when her mom was pregnant and developed carpel tunnel syndrome and could barely use her hands. She figured out how to manipulate the muscles in her hands to give her relief. It was one of those moments when your brain breaks and as you put the piece back together you can’t help but see things differently.

She graduated from Cortiva in 2009 and went to work fixing those who crossed her path. She was lucky enough to land in a place where she could work on expecting moms and professional athletes. Arianne found a passion working with people who were looking to fix an issue. People with chronic pain or long standing injuries. Working with the Boston Ballet she was able to learn more about the anatomy and that simple soft tissue manipulation was a great start but to see a greater impact she would need to learn more. She studied A.R.T. and kinsio tapping. Took classes on Thai Massage and assisted stretching.

In 2011 Arianne opened Mountain Strength CrossFit with her husband Rich Borgatti. It was a matter of weeks before her table was set up in the box. Being able to use her accumulated knowledge on athletes who live in the real word and need functional fitness as well as functional recovery has been the highlight of Arianne’s career. She is thrilled to bring that passion to her own practice in Chelmsford.